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Mobility of the Future – Fifth-Mode

Mobility of the Future – Fifth-Mode

Mobility will change drastically over the next 5 to 15 years. New mobility concepts as part of the sharing economy, electric mobility, self-driving vehicles and the climate mitigation efforts and awareness will be drivers of this mobility transition. Globalized big data, urbanisation and motorisation – or even mobilisation – are forming global mega-trends. In Germany and other European countries a fast ageing society provides for another relevant mega-trend. Today about one fifth of Germans is older than 65 years, in about 15 years this group should account for close to one third of the population.

Passenger transport will become truly multi-modal enabling seamless trip chains using different modes by generations that are both multi-modal and digital natives. Vehicles are equipped with a broad range of sensors to scan and understand their environment and to communicate between vehicles and also with the infrastructures. Additional to the conventional modes road, rail, air and water from the perspective of the users there will emerge a new mode: the so-called fifth-mode. As part of the fifth-mode cycling and going by foot will play a greater role for mobility and for the planners.

M-Five experts have proven their competences in fifth-mode projects and analyses of the future of mobility in several studies e.g. on sustainable mobility in Germany (VIVER), on the future of the automotive industry and on economic aspects of sustainable mobility where they also supported to coint the term of a fifth-mode. They combine sound competences in analyses of mobility behaviour and transport policy with understanding of the automotive and other mobility industries and enable to develop new business models for the fifth mode.